PHSC Current COVID Protocol

PHSC Current COVID Protocol


At PHSC Canada, we are committed to providing a safe environment for our families to continue or begin their essential care.  Given our unique patient care, with regard to our window to treat, we are fully dedicated to ensure our doors stay open to serve your family.  We have always been driven to provide world class care, and this has not changed during COVID-19.  Rest assured, our processes, policies and patient care meet or exceed current guidelines recommended by Health Canada and WHO.



Each new patient will be screened via the Patient intake form.  We will first screen based on age and severity – priority will be given to those falling in essential care range.  Patients that do not fall in range for essential care will be rescheduled to a later date.

As our patients may book weeks ahead, the family will receive an email 24 hours prior to their appointment to review their COVID Screening.  Families will be asked to confirm they still meet the criteria for a safe visit.


Families in active treatment will still receive the highest level of care.  With safety being our primary concern, we’re looking at limiting the number of physical visits families have to make to the clinic.  We are giving families the option to choose a virtual session for every second follow-up appointment.  Traditionally, our treatment plan would consist of seeing our families approximately every 3 weeks for a follow-up – during COVID, as long as the family is comfortable with how treatment is going, we’re offering a virtual follow-up for every second scheduled Follow-up – without compromising patient care.


Staff is 100% committed to a safe workplace.  All staff is required to ensure they are coming to work symptom free, without exception.  During your appointment, your Clinician will be dedicated to providing a safe patient experience – wearing the proper PPE.  Clean scrubs, masks and proper hand washing/ hand sanitizing and station disinfecting.


  • The Waiting Room is closed –  Your Clinician or admin staff will receive you at the start time of your appointment.  This is to ensure proper physical distancing.
  • Appointment Time – In order to best serve you, it’s important to arrive on time for your appointment.  Please do not be late or early.  Our appointment times reflect the proper time needed to best serve.  We cannot receive you early, unless we call you.  Conversely, if you’re late, we may not be able to keep your appointment.  
  • Temperature Check – Parents/ Guardians and the baby will be subject to a contactless temperature reading.  If either the baby or parent/ guardian has a fever, we will be unable to accommodate the appointment.  
  • Attendee Reduction – It is critical that only ONE parent or guardian attend the appointment with the baby.  Of course we do allow the exception for multiples.  If you have twins +, you will be allowed to have TWO parents/ guardians max.  Parents and/ or guardians must wear masks at all times.  Babies are exempt from wearing a mask. 
  • Sanitization/ Station disinfecting – We assure our families that proper washing/ sanitizing of clinician hands will be exercised between patients.  In addition to this, our stations will be thoroughly cleaned as well with alcohol spray with 70% alcohol content or higher.
  • Physical distancing – we are committed to providing care with as little contact as possible.  However, there will be contact with our Babies for scanning and assessing.  Again, we are committed to proper sanitizing.  Families are encouraged to keep their distance until directed by your Clinician.
  •  PPE – All staff are required to wear proper PPE.  This includes fresh scrubs, masks or face shields, as well as plexiglass barriers for admin, where necessary.  Our families are required to wear masks as well – care will not be provided without a mask.  Babies are exempt.
  • Safe Admin support – we are still committed to the best patient care.  Virtual admin support is something we take great pride in.  Rest assured admin will be provided in the safest way.  In the clinic, where applicable, Admin will provide service behind proper plexi barriers.



If you’ve been with us before, you will notice that we do not have toys on hand any longer.  This is to limit the amount of efforts dedicated towards cleansing.  The safest way to address the toys are to not have them at all.  The clinics will have a couple of our go-to distraction toys for the purpose of scanning, and these will be thoroughly cleaned between appointments.


All stations will be thoroughly cleaned before and after use.  We’ve done our best to allow for increased cleaning times within the appointment time, but there’s potential to run late.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.


All staff is committed to meeting or exceeding proper sanitization guidelines.  At minimum, staff will ensure they are wearing clean scrubs and practice excellent hand sanitization (in addition to PPE).


In order to ensure an excellent patient experience, it takes two! 


    • Arrive on time
    • Do not show up with symptoms (we don’t want to be put in a position to turn families away, but we will – as the repercussions to an infection could be devastating to so many of our families and staff)
    • Take advantage of Virtual follow-ups.  This is a safe way to monitor progress and not sacrifice patient care.  If you have concerns, then we’re happy to see you in person 🙂
    • Patience and understanding.  We are so thankful to be able to serve our families during this time.  However, there are new challenges and sometimes that comes with delays.  We’re working hard to communicate with our families at the highest level – and we’re always here for you… there just may be delays, as we look to provide the highest possible care FOR EVERY FAMILY 🙂
    • Do not offer to shake hands or embrace the Clinician.  For everyone’s safety.


What does the screening questionnaire look like?

  • Has either the patient or nuclear Family member of the patient travelled out of the country in the last 14 days? If yes, please reschedule immediately. Yes/no
  • Has either patient or nuclear Family been in contact with a COVID carrier in the last 14 days? If yes, please reschedule immediately. Yes/no
  • Does either patient or nuclear Family show signs of Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste, body aches? If yes, please reschedule immediately. Yes/no
  • Is the patient’s accompanying caregiver less than 65 yrs of age, has no heart, respiratory, kidney illnesses or immune system disorder? If no, please reschedule immediately Yes/no
  • I have answered the questions thoughtfully and with honesty, recognizing and respecting the importance of protecting my family, staff and other families attending the clinic.

Are all clinics open?

Yes, all four Canadian Clinics are open.  At this time, we are working with families for reduced follow-ups.  Also, we are only accepting new patients that fall into essential care range.  Essential care defined as Severe and/ or 6 months or older.

How will I know if my baby’s appointment will be accepted?

Your appointment will be accepted unless you’ve been contacted to reschedule.  If rescheduled, you will receive the details in a timely manner. 

Is your regular cancellation policy in effect?

Yes, we’ve always appreciated notice of your cancellation.  For initial assessments and rescans, we do require a minimum of 24 hours notice.  The exception being a COVID related issue on the day of your appointment.  For families in treatment, we do ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice as a courtesy – the more notice the better – as we appreciate the opportunity to see another family with proper notice.

Does my baby need to wear a mask?

No, the baby does not need to wear a mask.  Baby has enough going on during the appointment 🙂  Parent or Guardian is required. 

Can siblings attend the appointment?

We do ask that brother or sister do NOT attend the appointment, if at all possible

Can my spouse/ partner attend the appointment?

We do ask that only ONE parent or guardian attend the appointment.  The exception being families of multiple births.  Ie. Twins.  In the case of multiples, we do allow and encourage two caregivers – it does help to make the appointment go a bit better with all hands on deck! 

How will I know if PHSC Policies change, or if services were to lessen with increased regulations?

It’s best if you add our email addresses to your address book to ensure you receive all updates.  The two patient facing emails we use are; and