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Treating head shape asymmetry is our specialty, our passion and all we do! We have over 20 years of experience and hundreds of successful cases treated in our New Westminster (Vancouver), Burlington (Toronto), Calgary, and Edmonton clinics.

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Two recent surveys showed that 100% of the families working with us have been satisfied with the treatment outcomes and are likely to recommend us to others. Our priority is educating and connecting young families for the prevention & treatment of baby head shape asymmetry.

Evidence-Based Pediatric
Head Shape Management

Cranial Band Therapy is the most successful and widely accepted method to treat moderate to severe head shape asymmetry. As researchers, we contribute to the state of science and use the most recent and robust evidence to guide our practice. Click here to view the research.

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What is Deformational Plagiocephaly (DP)?

This term is generally used to describe 3 types of positional head shape asymmetries that persist past the age of 6 weeks:
Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly (Flat Head) and Scaphocephaly.
We can provide information about the causes, signs and treatment strategies for managing baby head shape deformities.
While not all deformational plagiocephaly cases will correct on their own, there are some efforts that can help prevent or reduce its effects. Click here to learn more…
Once we have a carried out an assessment of your baby’s head shape we discuss and agree on the the best available treatment for you and your family.

❓ What is Plagiocephaly?

Positional #Plagiocephaly is the term for flattening of a baby's head shape in one or more areas. More specifically, it can be categorized as #plagiocephaly #brachycephaly or #scaphocephaly depending on where the flatness is located. 👶 This flattening can develop from external pressures to your baby's head, like when they spend a lot of time laying on their back while sleeping, in car seats, or strollers. In some cases, genetics play a factor as well!

❓ So, how can we prevent this flattening?

While not all deformational plagiocephaly cases can be prevented or ‘self-corrected’, there are some efforts that can help prevent or reduce its effects. These include:

✅ Frequent changes in body and head positions (repositioning strategies) incorporated into a #TummyTime home program

✅ Prone positioning when the infant is awake and supervised

✅ Limiting time in carriers and positioning devices that restrict the infant’s movement

✅ Use of a cranial remolding orthosis (CRO) when indicated, such as our incredible SnugKaps!!

✅ Prescribing pediatric physiotherapy or occupational therapy at three months or earlier if there is:
-Strong positional head/neck preference
-Developmental delay(s)
-Cranial deformity

If you have questions or concerns about your baby’s head shape, we would love to connect with you! We are happy to offer information, community resources, and tools for families. We also suggest speaking with your family doctor or pediatrician to hear their recommendations as well 👍😄

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#MeetOurTeam Monday ✨

This week’s spotlight is on Nicole!! Nicole is our lead clinician in New Westminster, and has worked with our Founder Jason for several years in infant head shape management. With her depth of experience as a Kinesiologist, she is able to offer fantastic support and knowledge for our families, and connect them to appropriate community and healthcare resources.

Nicole works closely with our families to discuss and educate them on head shape-related concerns and ensures families have a thorough understanding of our treatment programs 🙌 With an interest in health and wellness and her love for working with children, Nicole is an incredible part of our team, and our families love her! 🥰

To learn more about Nicole and to meet the rest of the team, click the link in our bio 👆👆😁
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We are so excited to share some more amazing progress with you all 👏👏 check out these incredible changes made over only 4 weeks of treatment so far! 😍

These scans come from a little one at our #Burlington clinic. At her initial assessment, her measurements indicated extremely severe #Plagiocephaly (with a 15.1mm difference in her oblique measurements), and moderate-severe #Brachycephaly (with a CR of 0.93). She was fit for her first #SnugKap in mid-January, at 5 months old. In just under 4 weeks, we saw incredible changes in her head proportions 🙌

At her most recent clinic visit, her measurements have already transitioned into normal ranges for both Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly! 🥳 We are so thrilled for this little cutie and her family 👍

These scans perfectly illustrate the benefit of starting a cranial band program at an early age 👶 The rapid growth rate of your baby's head can be harnessed to our advantage, and that growth can be directed to improve your baby's head shape symmetry very effectively in this age range!

We recommend that any family with questions or concerns about their baby's head shape comes to see us at 4 months old, if possible, so that if treatment is recommended we can take advantage of this growth potential ✅

Tap the link in our bio to learn more about our SnugKap cranial bands, read our families' stories, or to book a FREE initial assessment at one of our clinics!
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We love seeing your #SnugKap photos! 😁 These adorable shots of Ethan made our day. Thanks to @shirleypsg for letting us share!

We’d love to feature your little one on our clinic page! If you tag us in your photos, we’ll reach out to see if you’d like us to share with our community 🥰

If you have any questions about your baby’s head shape, we would love to connect with you! Click the link in our bio to learn about SnugKap, meet our team, and book a FREE assessment at one of our clinics 🙌
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