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Baby Plagiocephaly Helmet Treatment
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Treating head shape asymmetry is our specialty, our passion and all we do! We have over 20 years of experience and hundreds of successful cases treated in our New Westminster (Vancouver), Burlington (Toronto), Calgary, and Edmonton clinics.

Family Flathead Baby Treatment
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Two recent surveys showed that 100% of the families working with us have been satisfied with the treatment outcomes and are likely to recommend us to others. Our priority is educating and connecting young families for the prevention & treatment of baby head shape asymmetry.

Cranial Band Therapy for Babies - Plagiocephaly
Evidence-Based Pediatric
Head Shape Management

Cranial Band Therapy is the most successful and widely accepted method to treat moderate to severe head shape asymmetry. As researchers, we contribute to the state of science and use the most recent and robust evidence to guide our practice. Click here to view the research.

Baby Head Shape / Cranial Band Therapy

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What is Deformational Plagiocephaly (DP)?

This term is generally used to describe 3 types of positional head shape asymmetries that persist past the age of 6 weeks:
Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly (Flat Head) and Scaphocephaly.
We can provide information about the causes, signs and treatment strategies for managing baby head shape deformities.
While not all deformational plagiocephaly cases will correct on their own, there are some efforts that can help prevent or reduce its effects. Click here to learn more…
Once we have a carried out an assessment of your baby’s head shape we discuss and agree on the the best available treatment for you and your family.

We love to see our families out and about, enjoying the summertime weather! 🤗☀️ Baby can still enjoy lots of summer activities while wearing their SnugKap 👍 (Just remember to dress them a little cooler to avoid overheating!)

We would love to hear from you! What is your favourite summer family activity? Comment below! 👇👇
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Introducing: SnugKap! Our Cranial Remodelling Orthosis by HeadStart Medical, Inc.

We're excited to say that #SnugKap is manufactured in New Westminster, British Columbia - We're so proud to offer this Canadian Product- a true advancement in Cranial Remodelling!

What makes SnugKap so appealing to our families?

✅Lightweight design (for optimum mobility)
✅Cooler temperature (whilst wearing- allowing more comfortable wear times with faster results)
✅Sleek and more attractive design (the more comfortable parents are seeing their baby in the Orthosis, the more likelihood of total dedication to treatment.)

What makes SnugKap so appealing to our Healthcare referral sources? For the same reasons noted above; understanding the importance of ensuring there are no developmental delays due to increased weight, less risk of overheating (many benefits) and of course it doesn't hurt that our parents feel comfortable seeing their baby in this product vs conventional products!

We offer two free assessments: One initial assessment and one re-scan to track your baby's progression or regression. We put our families in a great position to make an informed decision, with no financial obligation for consultations!

If treatment is recommended, the sooner we start, the better! Our quick turnaround times for SnugKap production give our families a big advantage when they choose PHSC clinics!

Oh, and did you know?? Each SnugKap is custom designed by a Certified Orthotist. This means careful thought and consideration is put into each design based on your baby's unique head shape.
For more information on SnugKap and our services at PHSC- please visit our website:

For healthcare referral sources: Whether you currently refer to us, or would like to start, and you have questions: let's set up a Zoom Meeting to connect - we'd love to tell you about what we're able to do as a clinic during COVID-19 (and as a clinic in general!) - just email us at and we'll get back to you ASAP! Please look for our referral form on our website as well.

We look forward to serving you!

Say hello to our latest #SnugKap graduate, Sienna! 🤗 We are so excited to finish off our Monday with an adorable graduation celebration for this cutie 🙌 Congratulations to Sienna and her family for her amazing results! ✨ #fixedmyflat

Do you have concerns about your baby's head shape? 👶 We are here to give you professional guidance and support for all of your head shape needs! Connect with us today to learn more, and to schedule your FREE consultation (Click the link in our bio! 👆)

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Many families ask us how treatment with the Pediatric HeadShape Clinic differs from conventional treatment programs. There are two key differences:

1. We focus on Cranial Remodelling- all day, every day! Each time you visit our clinic, you will be receiving quality care based on your baby's needs- and we are always focused on Cranial. Also, minimal wait times for you, which means we can start sooner, if needed. Our families love the fact that they will be coming into a warm environment that is focused on their baby's unique needs. We will update your Physiotherapist, Pediatrician, and/or Family doctor as needed - so they are up to speed on your baby's progress. Also, we stay in close contact with our Healthcare Professionals - referring out other potential concerns relating to issues with your baby's head shape.

** Did you know we offer free consults? We are pleased to offer a free initial assessment for your baby, as well as a free second appointment for a re-scan to assess any changes in your baby's head shape. (If there is no need for treatment, we're happy to send you home better informed about your baby's head shape- and with repositioning tips, etc.)

2. SnugKap Cranial Remodelling Orthosis: As outlined in this brief video by Jason Goodnough CPO(c) MSc. (Ortho Eng.), SnugKap is far lighter than any other device, far more breathable, and less invasive than other devices - moms love that they can still maintain close contact during cuddles, feeding, etc with baby. These benefits really help in the day-to-day activities of baby and family!

** Did you know SnugKap is custom designed by an Orthotist, every time, based on YOUR baby's unique head shape needs? This means that by the time it arrives at the clinic (6-9 days from ordering), it's engineered to meet your baby's unique needs right where he or she is at - 100% customized design! When time is key, customization is a huge benefit. AND it's Made in Canada! 🇨🇦

For more information regarding any concerns for your baby's head shape, visit our website for more info:
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