The Pediatric HeadShape Clinic provides the highest quality, collaborative care by experienced practitioners. We are here because we care and we listen because we feel your concerns are important. We have invested in the best available technology and we put it to work to help guide your family through this short, but important stage of life.

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Jason Goodnough

Jason is the Head of BCIT’s Prosthetics and Orthotics Program, an Adjunct Professor in UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, founder and director of The Pediatric Headshape Clinic and co-director of HeadStart Medical, an innovative medical engineering and 3D printing company (www.headstartmedical.com). He has a Masters of Science Degree (Honours) in Orthopedic Engineering from The Health Sciences University of Jonkoping, Sweden and close to 25 years of clinical experience as a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist in public, private, corporate practice and education.

Jason has been described as a compassionate innovator. His passion is in finding underserved and technologically lagging areas of patient care and developing them into technologically advanced areas with exemplary access and treatment outcomes. The Pediatric HeadShape Clinic was founded by Jason to achieve exactly those principles; to improve access to care and to get individualized answers for the up to 24% of families struggling with headshape concerns of their little ones. And when treatment is required it is now with modern-day techniques such as 3D scanners and beautifully fitting and crafted 3D printed cranial bands that families are proud to wear… and Jason’s team is super-proud treat with!

For his work, Jason is a recipient of the Canadian Educational Association (CEA) Excellence Award, BCIT’s Excellence in Teaching and Research Award and has been bestowed an honorary lifetime membership in The War Amputations of Canada.

Nicole Szeto
Kinesiologist / Family Resource Specialist

As the Pediatric HeadShape Clinic’s Family Resource Specialist, Nicole is here for our families!

With her depth of experience as a Kinesiologist she is able to connect families to appropriate community and healthcare resources.  Nicole works closely with our families to discuss and educate them on head shape-related concerns and ensures families have a thorough understanding of our treatment programs. In addition to all of this, Nicole assists with our research and keeps track of our 3D scanning data and treatment outcomes to make sure every family’s line of care is kept informed of their child’s progress.

With an interest in health and wellness and her love for working with children, Nicole is a great addition to the Head Shape Clinic team and our families love her!  Her experience is highlighted by her Bachelors in Kinesiology obtained at UBC in Vancouver, BC.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys playing recreational volleyball, working out and baking blueberry pies (her signature dish!)

Jeff Wright

Jeff is a graduate of U of C’s Kinesiology program, BCIT’s Clinical P&O program and is finishing up his MSc in Rehabilitation Science through McMaster University as he concurrently completes the final year of his Orthotics Residency. As a student at BCIT, Jeff completed his Capstone Research in the 3D printing of Cranial Remodelling Orthoses for which he was a part of a team that won BCIT’s Student Innovation Challenge. Jeff has experience providing orthotic care for a wide range of trauma and general rehabilitation clients. He is drawn to the area of headshape management as it gives him the opportunity to work with families and apply the latest 3D technologies to develop individualized treatment plans.

Shane Bates

Shane is an orthotic resident at B.C. Prosthetic and Orthotic Services. He recently finished his Masters of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences from McMaster University. The focus of this Masters was directed towards improving the clinical treatment of infants with head shape deformities. Shane’s interest in helping the pediatric population began while completing the BCIT’s Prosthetics and Orthotics Program. While completing his capstone project at BCIT, Shane worked alongside Jeff Wright and Jason Goodnough to use 3D printing to create a cranial remodeling orthosis that is lighter, more customizable, and can be manufactured much faster than conventional methods. This work earned Shane and his team the BCIT Student Innovation Challenge. He is very excited to be continuing his research and providing treatment for infants while working with The Pediatric HeadShape Clinic.