Our Bands


Introducing: The Pediatric HeadShape Clinic’s Licensed Cranial Bands

Simply put: These are the world’s most advanced cranial remodelling bands.

  • Our SnugKap, NapKap and ReKap Cranial Bands are super light-weight. Tipping the scales at around 100 grams, our Bands are approximately 1/3 the weight of a traditional helmet. This is a huge deal for babies! Most babies have no idea they even have it on and physically, less weight directly translates into better head control. Better head control means it’s easier for babies to move; if it’s easy to move, babies will move more; more movement means better gross motor skill development. Healthy, happy babies with great gross motor skill development is what we’re going for!
  • Our SnugKap, NapKap and ReKap Cranial Bands are super low-profile. Measuring around 4mm in thickness, our Bands are less than 1/3 the thickness of traditional helmets. The thin profile allows our babies to have better heat dissipation and less restrictions to movement such as rolling which further helps to improve motor skill development, and while sleeping they have a more normal neck flexion angle due to the decreased bulk at the back of their head.
  • Our SnugKap, NapKap and ReKap Cranial Bands are super cool. Literally and figuratively. One of the main physical concerns of traditional helmets is that babies are hotter and sweat profusely while wearing them. Excessive heat and moisture accumulation can lead to discomfort, an increased core temperature and more critically, a greater risk for dehydration and skin problems. The vastly improved airflow of our Bands = cooler, dryer, healthier environment inside the band, and a happier baby outside the Band.
  • Our SnugKap, NapKap and ReKap Bands have unique design features such as gel-infused padding that allow for improved comfort and reduced unwanted Band movement. Internal shape features allow the muscles of the neck to function optimally and the neck to move with much greater range of motion than traditional helmets.
  • Our SnugKap, NapKap and ReKap bands are beautiful. Families are proud to have their children in our bands. They have been called “Super-Cute!” and “Gorgeous Works of Art!” We have strived to make our products something parents could be proud to put on their little ones.
  • Our additive manufactured bands are environmentally friendly. They are created using digital media and therefore have less than 10% of the material waste of other traditionally manufactured helmets.
  • Most importantly, our Bands are effective! Our studied and published outcomes for symmetry improvement, baby comfort and family satisfaction scores routinely outperform what literature has reported for traditional helmets. 100% of surveyed parents said they would go through the process with us and our program again if needed.