Our Adaptive Treatment Program


Introducing: The Pediatric HeadShape Clinic’s Adaptive Cranial Asymmetry Treatment Program

  • You need relevant and accurate information to develop a great treatment program. That’s why we have individual appointments that start by LISTENING to families, then we conduct a thorough physical exam and obtain 3D laser scanned diagnostics of the child’s headshape. Studies have shown that caliper measurements are not accurate for this condition (Steinbok P, J Craniofac Surg.2006 May;17(3). Our medical grade laser scanners are FDA regulated to be safe, valid and intra/inter-rater reliable.
  • Once we have good assessment and 3D data we can all discuss treatment. We use the best available published data to guide our recommendations to the family. Upon discussion of the data there are generally 3 options.
    1. We have no medical or cosmetic concerns. In this case, we educate the family on repositioning techniques and would suggest discharge *.
    2. The head shape is not severe for age of child but there is potential for concern. We would provide education on repositioning and may suggest and provide select preventative products and would wish to track the headshape with another scan in 3 weeks*.
    3. The shape is severe enough that an adaptive cranial remodeling treatment program is suggested *.
  • Early identification for cranial remodeling treatment means there is a good chance that the child will only need to wear the cranial band when they are on their backs for extended periods of time… so only when sleeping and napping.

This makes families extremely happy! Why is this so important to families? Well, if we are honest, one of the largest barriers to treatment of this population has always been the pyscho-social aspect. Parents don’t want to explain to family and friends why their baby has headgear on, let alone to the staring people at the park. The other main psychological impact has been with the well documented interference the 23 hour/day helmets have had with parental bonding and cuddling. Parents miss the touch and smell of baby’s fuzzy head – who doesn’t! With our Adaptive Program, daytime bonding and cuddling is uninterrupted. Great news for both baby and family!

  • The efficiency of our Cranial Band design and manufacturing system allow for effective treatment throughout the infant’s entire head growth period. This may require several SnugKap or NapKap Bands and a Retainer Band (ReKap), but that’s ok, they are all seamlessly included in our treatment program. While treatment with traditional CRO’s such as the StarBand and DOC Band means that once the child has outgrown their helmet you either are satisfied with the shape you’ve got and will risk some regression, or you must go through the whole process and purchase a second helmet. Our program has many options that allow us to keep treating until everyone is happy with the headshape and the skull is firm and baby is mobile enough that regression is no longer a concern. No worries about the flat spot ever coming back again!

*Headshape asymmetry may be a symptom of a concomitant condition. Therefore we always recommend that the family see a Pediatric Physiotherapist who is familiar with this area of practice.

Without NapKap
With NapKap