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What is Deformational Plagiocephaly (DP)?

This term is generally used to describe 3 types of positional head shape asymmetries that persist past the age of 6 weeks:
Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly (Flat Head) and Scaphocephaly.
These asymmetries are caused by prolonged external pressure to the infant head. This can happen during birth, or can be caused by more subtle things like excessive time in strollers, swings, and car seats.
Early intervention is key. If asymmetries remain after 6 weeks of age talk to your family doctor regarding a referral to a head shape management program. It’s best to initiate treatment by 2 months of age.
It is a misconception that the infant’s head “will round out on its own as the child becomes more active, begins to roll over, and learns to sit up.” This is based in part on outdated scales of motor development and a lack of understanding on the effect of supine sleep positioning.

Our Treatment

We offer treatment with StarBands as well as our own custom 3D printed bands depending on family preference.

SnugKap Cranial Band

Without NapKap

With NapKap


Our Treatment Results

Hover over the image below for Before and After images of a child after 8 weeks of treatment with our Cranial Band
  • Before-Hover to see the results of our treatment
    After-Hover to see the results of our treatment
    Before Hover to see the results of our treatment After

Our Bands

Our Bands come with many colour and graphic choices to make your experience as fun and positive as possible…. We’ve even been told that our bands are “Super-Cute” and “Beautiful Works of Art”!!

Treatment Evidence

We use the best available research evidence to guide our treatment planning and treatment recommendations. The proprietary remodelling techniques we use with our Bands consistently outperform reported traditional helmets in outcome-assessed parameters of family satisfaction, perceived baby comfort, overall head shape improvement and time required to achieve a satisfactory head shape.